Costs are required to use DOKU

You only need to pay for every successful transaction. We do not charge initial installation or monthly fees.
Here is the cost per transaction for each payment method.


Payment Channel Component Fee
Bank Fee / MDR DOKU Fee
DOKU e-Wallet 1.5%
Virtual Account 4.500
E-Commerce Banking 5.000
Alfamart Group 5.000
Credit Card (Reguler) VISA & Master 3% Bank Fee + 2500
Credit Card (Installment Aggregator 3 months : 5%
6 months : 7%
12 months : 10%
Digital Banking 1.5%


Payment Channel Bank Fee
Credit Card (Reguler) VISA & MASTER Bank Fee + 2.500
Credit Card (Reguler) VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX
Credit Card (Installment Direct)
BCA Klikpay (BCA Card)
BCA Klikpay (Debit)
e-Pay BRI
Virtual Account BCA
Virtual Account BRI
INDOMARET To Be Negotiable w/DM
  1. Free Set Up & Monthly Free for all DOKU Services
  2. For non-3DS / Overseas Credit Card transaction, we suggest to use DOKU Fraud Protection, additional fees may applied for 1.5% / transaction. (This is an optional)

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