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Integrated System with Full Control

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Automatic System

Automatic System

With an integrated automatic system, users are in charge of all transaction traffic, therefore, reducing the possibility of loss caused by human error.

Real Time

Real Time

Fund transfer process can be conducted from anywhere to all bank accounts across Indonesia and DOKU’s e-Wallet.

SDual Access Level

Dual Access Level

The presence of a creator and approval will increase transaction security. Confirmation will be sent via email to both parties.



All transfer applicant data can be stored easily inside a secure STP folder. Suitable for businesses that often deals with multiple transfers to multiple accounts at once.


One to many money transfer services to businesses that require to make large number of transfers to many beneficiaries. Disburse funds real time from anywhere.


Transferring to your city of choice is fast no matter where you are and without having to go to a bank. A minimum amount of money transfer conversion fee will be deducted from your transaction.

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